New Facebook Designs
  • 2 Apr

With so many businesses moving their advertisements off the television screen and onto the computer screen, technology and social networking websites such as Facebook are changing in order to adapt to the needs of marketers. Facebook is introducing new features such as the Timeline design, Reach Generator, and moving Sponsored Stories to mobile devices, so advertisers can help reach out to their consumer more successfully.

Many people are aware of the Timeline changes that Facebook is designing for its users. Like regular users, brand pages will also be receiving this change. Companies will now be able to express their company story better, and also allowing them to have “pinned posts”, posts that remain at the top of the page while still being able to post new information and statuses. It also enables a new customer service option, as there are now direct fan-to-page messages, where users can private message the page specifically for any questions or concerns rather than posting it on the main front page. The new designs definitely help pages customize more and can help them express their company better. It allows users to display whatever they want longer and more prominently, and will also make it easier to find older information with the new Timeline page design. With the new marketing changes, companies should definitely have an easier time reaching out to their target audience on the social network.

Facebook’s Reach Generator now allows advertisers to pay a fee based on their Page’s fan count in exchange of getting up to 75% of exposure to their fans (typically it’s close to 16%). This means that advertisers are guaranteed that their fans will see their stories more often with the help of Facebook’s advertising through “Sponsored Stories” that will be posted in the newsfeed of users. If the user were to share those Sponsored Stories, then friends of theirs could view and possibly like the Page if they so desired.

Facebook is also starting to get serious about advertising on mobile devices by displaying the Sponsored Stories on the user’s smartphone/tablet. Because of consumers moving onto mobile devices, the company wishes to move the advertising onto mobile devices in order to allow marketers to continue reaching the consumer without worry of losing them.  Just like on the homepage on the computer, Sponsored Stories will be placed in your newsfeed. If a friend were to “like” the story, other friends will get the promotions on their devices as well in hopes that you decide to look at it and go “Oh hey, that’s pretty cool! *like*”.

With all these new features now available to advertisers, it should be interesting to see what the response by users will be. Facebook seems to be working diligently to appeal to all of their users.