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Everybody has a story and through the power of video those stories are more compelling and captivating than ever before. Let us help you share your story with the world!


Animation and motion graphics allows you to achieve things not easily accomplished with traditional video. They are a great way to illustrate complex concepts in a fun and interesting way!


A powerful photo can sell brands, influence politics, or change the minds of a nation. We strive to understand this unique power and harness it to the benefit of our clients.


We use technology to make businesses’ marketing efforts more successful. When the campaign goes viral, we’ll get you more than just hits.


City of San Francisco


Community service is a core value to RockBridge and is inexorably tied into our culture. Working with local and national charities, we can do our part to make the world a little more inspiring. We are always finding new organizations to contribute our creative abilities to. Here are just a few of nonprofits we have worked with.

San Francisco Social

The Boy & Girl of the Year Fight Back Against Childhood Cancers

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Man & Woman of the Year (MWOY) campaign is a fundraising competition in communities across the U.S. in which participants vie for the title of Man or Woman of the Year. They raise funds for blood cancer research in honor of local children who are blood cancer survivors, the Boy & Girl of the Year-because everyone wins when cancer loses. The titles are awarded to the men and women in each community who raise the most funds during the ten-week campaign; the top local fundraisers in the country also win the national titles. You can aid in their ef[...]

RockBridge Sponsors the San Francisco Social

San Francisco's young professionals flocked in their suits and gowns to the W Hotel this past Saturday to party for a good cause at the 2013 San Francisco Social! 550+ attendees proved that age is just a number - a very big number. Together they raised more than $75K for local homeless children at Larkin Street Youth Services. summed it up pretty perfectly in their pre-event coverage: "Twenty-somethings in San Francisco are often thought of as smug and self-absorbed. But every winter since 2007, a ballroom full of them parties in San Francisco for a reason." It's astonishing what [...]

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee turns out for 'All Men Are Thieves" wrap party

As reported in the Examiner, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee made an appearance at the All Men Are Thieves wrap party. The short film / television pilot project was written and directed by local filmmaker Henry J. Kim. The short is a crime drama that takes place in San Francisco and stars Lanny Joon and Frederick Szkoda with Brandon Hanson, Levy Tran, Erin Tjoe, and Nicki Sun. RockBridge and Electrum Films were both involved on the project along with producers Daniel Delgado, Henry Chu, Alun Lee, and Erin Tjoe. Mayor Ed Lee isn't the only politician who has rallied to support the project, Former Ca[...]

WittyWorX's ixi-play on Engadget

To launch their robot companion for kids, WittyWorX decided to go straight to the people and crowd-fund their amazing new toy, ixi-play. The tiny (and adorable) little owl has some awesome technology and fantastic features. Equipped with awesome technology like a 720p digital camera, microphone, card and object detection, voice recognition, a multitouch-sensor on the head, eye displays for animations, a tweeter/woofer speaker combo, and wi-fi technology. The cute and cutting edge toy can play all kinds of games with children, including word, math, and even language learning games. It can even [...]

Mr. Marina Competition 2013

For 2013, RockBridge donated a small series of fun and simple videos for that year's Mr. Marina competition. Mr. Marina is a fun competition in which some the best male specimen of San Francisco's Marina district compete in a variety of events in hopes they will be crowned Mr. Marina for one year and represent the Marina for all you reside there. The event is put on by Slap Cancer, a fundraising campaign that hosts events to raise money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Supporting LLS was important for RockBridge's President and Co-founder Michael Kaney II, who lost three close fami[...]

Ish's 99 Problems with Cancer

RockBridge recently produced a video in support of Mr. Marina competitor Ish Simpson as he fights to become the top man in San Francisco's Marina district. But Ish isn't just trying to represent his hood, he's also doing it to fight cancer. The Mr. Marina competition is put on by Slap Cancer, a fundraising campaign that hosts events to raise money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. In the video, Ish raps about all the great aspects of the Marina set to the beat of Jay Z's popular "99 Problems." The video seems to have stepped up the game for this year's competition, and it has already be[...]

Mashable Covers SignalFire's Hackathon

Mashable recently posted about the hackathon SignalFire hosted in San Francisco in January. At the event, 100 of the country's top computer science students competed in teams to create a comprehensive proposals for tools, apps, and websites. As SignalFire's video partner for the event, RockBridge is excited about all the press surrounding the event and is happy about the successful weekend. Read more about the event and the Mashable article on their website.
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